Serving Medical Practices

IV Imaging is a diagnostic ultrasound imaging service specializing in Cardiac, Vascular and General Ultrasound as well as Venous Ablation procedures for the treatment of varicose veins and venous reflux disease.

Whether you currently own your own ultrasound equipment or would like to utilize ours, we can provide a one-stop-shop solution for your imaging needs including cross-trained sonographers, radiology and cardiology interpretations, billing and coding support (superbills provided with CPT and ICD-9 codes for all patients) as well as report generation on our HIPPA compliant EMR platform under a per patient/study fee schedule.

If you’ve made the decision ultrasound is right for you, we can provide our entire infrastructure under one efficient and affordable package.

IV Imaging is grateful to work alongside our physicians in helping them achieve the highest quality of patient care throughout Florida. We offer multiple package deals with competitive price points. The IV Imaging team is trained and highly skilled to provide our services as well as all procedure-related job duties including: scheduling, billing, insurance authorizations, patient confirmation, etc. IV Imaging is dependable and provides backup equipment as well as technicians in case of emergency situations to accommodate the commitment the company has made to physicians and their practice. Our team is integrative and detail-oriented to create the most efficient operation for all physicians.

"we are dedicated to providing the best services available to our physician partners."

Melissa Hansler,